Photo of Elk Lake, a Northern Ontario Tourism Staple.

Northern Ontario Tourism: 10 Reasons to Visit Elk Lake

Elk Lake remains a uniquely preserved and undeniably beautiful slice of Northern Ontario tourism that not many Greater Toronto Area residents know about, which is a blessing in many regards. Repeat visitors covet this sprawling wilderness, as the landscape itself ushers in warm feelings of sheer tranquillity. The acreage that hugs the Montreal River, while striking, is mostly uninhabited land. Thus, the only Ontarians that you’ll cross paths with up here are either locals or guests at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, one of the truest Northern Ontario fishing lodges. But, of course, there’s so much more to love about this region than the hungry fish that squabble underwater near the resort. During the warmest months, Elk Lake is also a magnet for ATVers, RVers, birders, hikers, and boaters of all kinds.

The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Elk Lake This Summer

We could scrounge together several dozen reasons to visit Elk Lake Wilderness Resort this summer. These 10 unique features, however, genuinely encapsulate the overall experience amid summer’s radiant peak. Northern Ontario tourism is all about embracing nature, learning new skills, and loving each other.

  1. Photo of a Man Fishing on Elk Lake, a Northern Ontario Tourism Staple.Deep-forested ATV adventures
  2. Spectacular walleye and pike fishing
  3. Backcountry hiking: discover abandoned mines, hidden lakes, and old logging roads
  4. All-inclusive vacation packages
  5. Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard excursions ready at a moment’s notice
  6. Full-day pontoon rentals
  7. Those blazing riverfront campfires: There’s nothing quite like roasting weenies, building s’mores, and stargazing after a splendid sunset.
  8. Birding: witness the many native birds of Northern Ontario
  9. Mid-day backpacking: seek the unknown
  10. The on-site sauna (or take a dip in the river)

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The Immediate Future of Northern Ontario Tourism

It’s no secret that the future of Northern Ontario tourism is a little hazy. However, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we should remain loyal to our province and country. Instead of hopping into a plane and jetting to a faraway land, let’s stimulate our economy. So, for those who reside in the Greater Toronto Area, perhaps an extended break from the city into the lush, peaceful Northern Ontario wilderness is precisely what the entire family needs. Rediscover the allure of outdoor recreation while also bonding over wildlife, bonfires, boat rides, and even a spontaneous backcountry ride. Northern Ontario vacations, in their purest form, are all about exploration, spontaneity, and reawakening the kid inside all of us.

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