Photo of One of the Prettiest Birds of Ontario

Observing the Many Birds of Ontario Near Elk Lake

Photo of One of the Prettiest Birds of OntarioWhile we still have several weeks left of prime snowmobiling here at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, it’s hard not to peer ahead to spring’s thaw. Spring is a time for rebirth, even in Northern Ontario, as the land subtly buds thick grass and colourful flowers. Spring also ushers in a variety of native Northern Ontario birds who watch over the region from high above. Observing the many birds of Ontario takes patience, prominent vision, and a love for the outdoors. We always urge our guests to arrive with a sturdy fishing pole, a pair of trusty boots, and, of course, a pair of state-of-the-art binoculars. Birding is an acquired hobby, but it’s also one of the most challenging sports in North America.

The Native Birds of Ontario

Photo of One of the Prettiest Birds of OntarioAs one of the top-reviewed lakefront lodges in Ontario, we welcome all sorts of nature enthusiasts. Whether you prefer fishing, hiking, ATVing, camping, or boating, you’ll never forget the week that you and your family spent in peaceful Elk Lake. Birding (or “birdwatching”) is a relatively new sport, although Canadians have been observing the many native birds of Ontario long before the province joined the Confederation. A wide variety of awe-inspiring Northern Ontario birds reside in the dense woods that enclose Elk Lake Wilderness Resort. Here are 20 of our favourite regional bird species that you could stumble upon this year. It’s worth noting that there are over 400 documented species in the region.

  1. American golden plover
  2. Belted kingfisher
  3. Black-billed magpie
  4. Buff-breasted sandpiper
  5. Cedar waxwing
  6. Downy woodpecker
  7. Eastern bluebird
  8. Eastern whip-poor-will
  9. Great grey shrike
  10. Long-eared owl
  11. Mourning dove
  12. Northern harrier
  13. Photo of One of the Prettiest Birds of OntarioParasitic jaeger
  14. Pied-billed grebe
  15. Rose-breasted grosbeak
  16. Ruby-throated hummingbird
  17. Sandhill crane
  18. Virginia rail
  19. Yellow-billed cuckoo
  20. Yellow-throated vireo

5 Ways to Explore Elk Lake

The many colourful, picturesque birds of Ontario lurk near the Montreal River’s banks, deep in the sprawling backcountry, and the trees that tower above the resort. There are several ways to explore Elk Lake’s many nooks, including hiking, fishing, and ATVing. Most of these activities will, inevitably, lead to some of the province’s best birding. Click the links below to learn more about each on-site or nearby activity.

Classic Northern Ontario Resorts

After several hours of exploring the area’s many hidden lakes and observing some of the most beautiful Northern Ontario birds, return to Elk Lake Wilderness Resort for a hand-delivered, home-cooked meal. You’ll also have ample time to soak in the hot tub, roast marshmallows, and stargaze with friends new and old. Reminder: there’s still time to book a long-overdue snowmobiling expedition! Please give us a call today at 855-518-6632 to speak a friendly member of our team.