Man holding a large pike

Premier Northern Ontario Fishing Lodges: Elk Lake Wilderness Resort

Ontario Fishing LodgesAs the temperatures subtly dip and the lush forestry begins its colourful transformation here along the Montreal River, hundreds of anglers rush up to our peaceful, scenic Northern Ontario haven. Over the past few years, Elk Lake Wilderness Resort has rapidly evolved into one of the premier four-season Northern Ontario fishing lodges. The Montreal River (also known as Elk Lake) is teeming with elusive walleye and slippery pike. And luckily for you and your group, our guests can enjoy approximately 41 kilometres of navigable waterways. One of the unique aspects of a visit to Elk Lake is that our friendly, knowledgeable staff will happily point you in the direction of a variety of honey holes. You just won’t find that type of first-rate service at any other Northern Ontario fishing lodges.

Ultimate Northern Canada Fishing Trips

Elk Lake Wilderness Resort is an idyllic escape from Toronto, Ottawa, or even the United States, primarily because of our inexpensive, all-inclusive packages, waterfront accommodations, world-class hospitality, and warm, hand-delivered meals. And the fun doesn’t stop on the Montreal River as there are dozens of backcountry lakes worth exploring this fall. So, which species will you target during your well-deserved Montreal River fishing excursion? Well, most anglers hook ever-elusive walleye, trophy northern pike, colourful perch, and occasionally smallmouth bass.

Extraordinary Walleye Fishing in Ontario

The prized fish inside Elk Lake is, without a doubt, the elusive walleye. Walleye of all shapes and sizes have been “plucked” from our dock, but we recommend venturing to some of the more remote stretches of the river. Because the Montreal River’s depth sits anywhere from four to over 100 feet, you can utilize a wide variety of fishing styles, such as trolling, bottom bouncing, or casting into secluded weed beds. Watch this gorgeously-shot video to get a better understanding of the Montreal River’s true beauty as well as a glimpse into the Elk Lake fishing scene.

Ontario Fishing LodgesTremendous Pike Fishing in Ontario

We’re one of the only Northern Ontario fishing lodges that have a thriving pike population within steps of our cozy, rustic cottages. Thanks to dozens of in-flowing creeks and out-flowing rapids, the possibilities to bait, hook, and reel in a northern pike are seemingly endless. These lanky, slinky creatures are attracted to gaudy colours and six-to-eight inch bait (particularly spinner or walking baits). If you’ve never reeled in a northern pike, try not to be thrown off by their vacant eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and slimy bodies.

The Occasional Smallmouth Bass

While the Montreal River isn’t a renowned bass fishing destination, it’s worth noting that they stay inside our waters throughout the year. Most anglers won’t target smallmouth bass, but don’t be surprised if you catch one or two during your adventures. They typically weigh four or five pounds.

Finding the Best Ontario Fishing Lodges

It’s always a bit of a challenge to browse through a list of the “best” Northern Ontario fishing lodges because there are dozens of options. And several aspects come into play, including price, travel time, and on-site amenities. So, we’ve compiled five of our most popular perks (as seen below) here at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort that will, hopefully, win you over! To learn more about our Elk Lake vacation rentals, please give us a call today at 705-679‑4041.

  1. Hand-delivered warm meals (just call ahead)
  2. Free on-site perks, such as fire pits, a wood-fired sauna, and full kitchens
  3. Those incredible, all-inclusive prices!
  4. Tranquillity and seclusion
  5. The kicker: spectacular walleye and northern pike fishing