Photo of Springtime ATV Adventures in Ontario

Deep-Forested ATV Adventures in Ontario

We’re currently in the midst of mud season here at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, as spring’s thaw came earlier than expected this year. The region, particularly the tranquil forestry near Elk Lake, is best known for its snowmobiling, hiking, fishing, and, of course, backcountry ATV adventures in Ontario. There are thousands upon thousands of acres of pristine, uninhabited wilderness at the ready here at our rustic, four-season resort. City dwellers, mainly from the Greater Toronto Area, utilize our densely-forested and wide-open spaces to unwind, explore, and rekindle their love for the outdoors. And, from mid-spring through autumn’s peak, most visitor’s exploratory vehicle of choice is a state-of-the-art ATV.

Backcountry ATV Adventures in Ontario

Photo of Springtime ATV Adventures in OntarioElk Lake Wilderness Resort, one of the top-reviewed extended weekend getaways in Ontario, rests along the serene banks of the Montreal River, just a few kilometres south of Elk Lake township. Civilization is vastly outnumbered by woodland critters, as you’ll rarely see another adventurer in these parts, even amid summer’s peak. Our team knows these woods like the back of their hands; thus, it’s wise to ask about the prettiest, most secluded ATV adventures in Ontario upon arrival. In these woods, you’ll be met with pristine backcountry lakes, thick woodlands, undisturbed old logging roads, hidden mines, and scenic overlooks. The trails themselves are as diverse as the plant life that thrives in this region. Your crew will encounter exhilarating whoops, speedy hardpack, heart-racing squirrels, and some of the wildest mudding in Northern Ontario amid towering sugar maples, red oaks, and yellow birches.

It’s quite common for riders to rumble into the surrounding wilderness with nothing but a map of the region, a compass, essential supplies, and a healthy dose of intuition. There’s so much beauty that’s aching to discovered here in Northern Ontario. Again, feel free to ask a couple of our team members about their favourite backcountry routes; we’re more than willing to divulge information on our many hidden gems. As you’ll notice in this spectacular video created by Quad Trails TV, these woods are quite diverse—notice the rocky paths, deep mud runs, extra-tight trails, and dramatic backcountry lake views.

Your ATVing Home Base

The best place to start and finish each day of excitement is right here at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, one of the premier Northern Ontario fishing lodges. Our peaceful riverside haven boasts world-class hospitality, home-cooked meal delivery, a wood-fired sauna, waterfront fire pits, an on-site repair shed, guided hiking excursions, and some of the wildest ATV adventures in Ontario. Once North America returns to normalcy, reconnect with friends and family in the Northern Ontario wilderness. To book a long-overdue ATVing escape to serene Elk Lake, please contact us today at 855-518-6632. We are still taking reservations—no deposit required.