Photo of a Couple Snowmobiling

13 Romantic Backcountry Snowmobiling Tips

Photo of a Couple Snowmobiling and Utilizing Backcountry Snowmobiling TipsArguably the most popular season for romantic getaways in Ontario is during winter’s peak when most couples desperately need a break from holiday planning, overcrowded streets, and hectic home schedules. Over the years, Elk Lake Wilderness Resort has evolved into a desirable ice fishing, snowshoeing, and, of course, snowmobiling hub for couples of all ages. There’s just something genuinely magical about exploring the vast, pristine Northern Ontario wilderness with your partner, especially underneath falling snow or at dusk. The resort has played host to an array of romantic snowmobile getaways, from well-planned honeymoons to surprise midwinter escapes from Toronto. And, to spice up your upcoming visit to peaceful Elk Lake, we’ve compiled 13 romantic backcountry snowmobiling tips.

Fresh Powder and Romance: 13 Backcountry Snowmobiling Tips

It’s worth noting that the majority of these backcountry snowmobiling tips take little to no effort, which is particularly relieving for those with no time to plan. While we full-heartedly treasure this quiet, serene land, a full day of sledding is incomplete without a post-ride hot tub soak, sauna relaxation, and a hand-delivered steak dinner. Upon arrival, you’ll quickly understand why Elk Lake Wilderness Resort remains one of the top-reviewed romantic winter getaways in Ontario. Without further ado, here are 13 fun and undeniably romantic backcountry snowmobiling tips:

  1. Pack a Picnic: After devouring a turkey sandwich and crisp vegetables, pull out a hidden box of chocolate-covered strawberries (or rum chocolates).
  2. Unplug: It’s essential to leave your smartphones and laptops tucked away during a romantic vacay (photography and/or geocaching is permitted).
  3. Plan the Route Together: Yes, backcountry riding is supposed to be full of spontaneity, but it’s wise to consult other snowmobilers or members of our team about the possible routes and undesired red zones. Once you’ve consulted others, choose a variety of destinations as a cohesive unit.
  4. Plan a Few Surprises: While we highly recommend planning the trip together, feel free to throw in a few curveballs along the way. A surprise could be something as grand as a proposal or as minor as a short detour to a particularly beautiful destination.
  5. Bring a Camera: Capture the region’s snow-covered natural beauty, pose for selfies, or find that perfect Insta pic.
  6. Store Hot Cocoa in a Thermos: Somewhere along the ride, pause for a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Alternatives include cider, tea, and coffee.
  7. Travel Alone: Yes, travelling in packs is a lot of fun. But true romance requires seclusion.
  8. Seek the Unknown: This land is dotted with countless abandoned mines, backcountry lakes, and old logging roads.
  9. Try Another Activity During Your Trip: Stretch your legs by snowshoeing, ice fishing, or ice skating for 90 or so minutes.
  10. Try Geocaching: The “world’s largest treasure hunt” continues to expand into the Northern Ontario wilderness.
  11. Build a Snowman: Cliche or not, this activity remains playful and uninhibited.
  12. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Wildlife: See who can spot the most woodland critters during your expedition. These woods are home to moose, deer, elk, lynx, wolves, bears, and a variety of birds (as well as a plethora of rodents), although it’s uncommon to cross paths with most of them on a rumbling snowmobile.
  13. Safety First: Not all backcountry snowmobiling tips require an element of romance. Please familiarize yourself with the area, check the weather, and ask a member of our staff about snow conditions. The Intrepid Snowmobiler has tons of helpful, safety-related tips.

Winter Weekend Getaways in Ontario: Elk Lake

Hopefully, this handy list of romantic backcountry snowmobiling tips elicits a phone call to our rustic, waterfront haven. We can be reached at 705-679‑4041. Otherwise, you can swiftly contact us online. Before your arrival, make sure to read up about late-winter visits, snowmobile-centred family reunions, and nearby snowmobile trails. Snowmobile packages start at just $134 per person, so what are you waiting for?