Snowmobiler posing on winter trail

Late-Winter Northern Ontario Snowmobiling Excursions near Elk Lake

winter resorts in ontarioAs most of the snowmobile trails south of Elk Lake, Ontario, close in late March, hundreds of riders will trek north to Elk Lake Wilderness Resort for some of the best back-country riding and logging roads in the province. We’re one of the only winter resorts in Ontario that provides snowmobile packages, which include overnight accommodations, hand-delivered warm meals, a sled workshop, and on-site saunas! We also now offer guided day-long excursions for experienced riders looking for even more untouched rugged terrain. Elk Lake Wilderness Resort is proud to be the premier snowmobilers basecamp in Northern Ontario!

BRAND NEW OFFERING: Guided Day Excursions

On February 2, 2019, we successfully launched our newest snowmobiling offering: guided day-long excursions. We created this program to please the most experienced riders looking for extra thrills, difficult terrain, and easy access to the area’s most beautiful hidden gems. These excursions carve through untouched powder on journeys to nearby abandoned mines, breathtaking lookouts, and tranquil back lakes (home to prime ice fishing). Unlike most winter resorts in Ontario, we gear our entire winter season around snowmobiling. In the wintertime, we’ve hosted successful family reunions, romantic getaways, group trips, and family-friendly retreats. Daily excursions start at just $50 per person (and lunch is provided).

winter resorts in ontarioUnguided Back-Country Riding

As most of the nearby snowmobile trails close for the winter, riders seek our guidance for snowmobiling possibilities. Luckily for prospective riders, there is a seemingly endless winter wonderland of untouched snow just minutes from the Montreal River. Our staff has decades of knowledge about the area’s secluded hidden gems – you’ll likely never see another soul in our surrounding backcountry. Despite our daily excursions into the vast Northern Ontario wilderness, most of this snow remains untouched through April.

Peaceful Logging Roads

Riders are encouraged to follow Cooke Lake Road for easy access to hundreds of kilometres of old logging roads. For detailed maps, directions to the best trails, and trail tips, merely speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable staff. These logging roads lead into a pristine, untouched wilderness, home to abandoned mines, snowshoeing possibilities, and ideal back lake picnic stops. This terrain is challenging, diverse, and secluded – you likely won’t see or hear another rider all day if you stay off the beaten path.

winter resorts in ontario

Premier Winter Resorts in Ontario

The snowmobile package here at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort includes cozy accommodations, hand-delivered homemade dinners, beverage delivery, do-it-yourself breakfasts, and unlimited use of the on-site hot tub, fire pits, and saunas. You’re also free to use our warm repair shed to make any needed adjustments to your sled. You won’t find hospitality like this at any other Northern Ontario resorts. We treat every guest like family here at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort! Please give us a call today at 1-705-679‑4041 to book a well-deserved snowmobile escape into the vast Northern Ontario wilderness!