Ice fishing shacks on the lake.

Ice Fishing in Ontario, an Elk Lake Rite of Passage

Ice Fishing in OntarioSlowly but surely, the Montreal River will eventually freeze along the shores of Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, effectively enticing hundreds of anglers to our secluded slice of Northern Ontario. Several of the most alluring ice fishing lakes in Ontario lie within 60 kilometres of our peaceful, four-season respite, including, of course, Elk Lake. While most winter visitors trek to our lakeside haven to explore the area’s glorious, untouched powder via snowmobile, there’s a growing community of anglers that return year after year to escape the city and wrangle a tasty walleye or two atop this frozen body of water. Ice fishing in Ontario, much like many other Canadian destinations, takes patience, skill, and a fondness for winter.

Locating the Best Ice Fishing in Ontario: Elk Lake

Yes, most of the fish species inside Elk Lake can be baited and hooked during all four seasons. But that doesn’t guarantee a trophy catch during your next ice fishing vacation in Ontario. Elk Lake boasts a thriving walleye population, an abundance of midsized northern pike, occasional perch, and hit-and-miss smallmouth bass fishing. During the warmer months, guests have access to over 41 kilometres of navigable water along the Montreal River. In the heart of winter, however, most anglers stay close to the lodge. It’s quite common for a small group of snowmobilers to utilize our complimentary ice fishing hut after a half-day of sledding. With a limited amount of ice fishing hut rentals in Ontario, it’s nice to have the ability to offer our guests a free option.

Backcountry Fishing Adventures

As you likely already know, most anglers refuse to disclose their favourite ice fishing honey holes. But we’re entirely transparent with our guests. Our dedicated staff has insider knowledge on some of the best ice fishing in Ontario, with many locations just a short sled ride from the resort. The Snowmobile Package includes free use of both on-site saunas, the hot tub, and, of course, the fishing hut. The Saturday Excursions, meanwhile, typically include an hour or two of ice fishing in Ontario set amid snow-draped trees, charming villages, and sprawling countryside. Simply ask a member of our staff during the booking process or upon arrival about a shortlist of potential backcountry lakes as well as the fish you’ll target.

Romantic Winter Getaways in Ontario

Ice Fishing in Ontario

Believe it or not, the most romantic season here in Northern Ontario is the wintertime. Couples love escaping the city’s busy streets, stressful workplaces, and hectic daily schedules for a much-needed getaway to our relaxing, serene land. While a keenness of the outdoors isn’t required, it helps to appreciate ice fishing, snowmobiling, winter hiking, and the like. And don’t forget that we offer warm, hand-delivered dinners, two saunas, a hot tub, rustic lodging, do-it-yourself breakfasts, and beverage delivery (including a variety of bottled wine). So, give us a call today at 855-518-6632 to learn more about a well-deserved week of romance, backcountry exploration, and ice fishing in Ontario.